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New Chief Executive for Welsh Ambulance Service

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed Jason Killens as the new Chief Executive of the Welsh Ambulance Service.

Jason is currently Chief Executive at the South Australia Ambulance Service, with much of his career spent at the London Ambulance Service, where he progressed through the ranks from Emergency Medical Technician to Executive Director of Operations.

Speaking about his appointment, Jason said he was delighted to be joining the Welsh Ambulance Service at an exciting time in the organisation’s development.

“The Welsh Ambulance Service has been on an impressive journey of transformation in the last few years, but I recognise there is much more to do to realise the true potential of the organisation.

“That’s an exciting proposition for me, leading an organisation which is committed to punching well above its weight, both as a leading ambulance service on the global stage and also as a key player in the wider unscheduled care system in Wales.

“I am looking forward to joining you in the early autumn and will be working with the Executive Team on a plan to engage with as many of you as possible when I arrive.”

Interim Chair, Martin Woodford, said he was pleased that the organisation had been able to appoint Jason, given the high calibre of candidates.

“There was an exceptionally strong field for this post, which is testament to the regard in which the Welsh Ambulance Service is now held.

“Jason is an experienced and respected leader in ambulance services, both in this country and abroad. He brings with him a wide range of leadership and transformational skills, coupled with an engaging and lively approach which, I have no doubt, will make a positive impact on the organisation and across NHS Wales more broadly.

“The Board has endorsed Jason’s appointment and I’m sure you will join with us in welcoming him to our organisation.”

For more information, please call Communications Specialist Rachel Watling on 01633 626267 or email

12 Jun 2018 14:49

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