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Jack’s speedy arrival!

When his time was ready, Jack James Carpenter could not wait to get into this world, and the Welsh Ambulance Service was on hand to make sure his birth went well.

Although the due date had just passed, husband and wife Chris and Hayley Carpenter, from St Mellons, were up very early the following morning carrying on with their daily routine…that was until 7am when Jack decided to signal an appearance at home! 

I had one contraction and some pain so I went back to bed and thought nothing of it,” said mother Hayley, “but quickly the contractions increased to every two minutes for some 30 to 40 seconds at a time.

“Chris was about to leave for work so I warned him that something was happening. I went for a shower and the pain intensified so Chris added a few extras to the case that we’d already packed and we sorted childcare out with my parents-in-law. Chris phoned work to say he wasn’t able to go in and then he spoke to a midwife at the Midwife Led Unit at the University of Wales Hospital to tell them the situation and she told us to come in as soon as possible. By now it was 8.15am and I just knew I wasn’t going anywhere!

“I rushed into the bathroom and the next thing Chris said was that he could see the baby’s head.”

Chris dialled 999 and found himself extremely grateful for the help he was about to have from the Welsh Ambulance Service: “Hayley seemed to go into labour without any signs or warnings and we just couldn’t make it to hospital.

“My first thanks must go to the call-taker, Sophie Roberts, who talked me through the delivery on the phone. She was fantastic and I felt confident in what I was doing just because of her. She kept me reassured and calm throughout the delivery and I can’t thank her enough. With her guidance I successfully delivered 9lbs 10oz Jack at roughly 8.40am.

“Our second thanks has to be to the ambulance crew, Peter Lawrence and Craig Churcher. The two guys that attended were great, they did a great job of cleaning up the mess in the bathroom, as well as more importantly looking after Hayley and Jack! They again were reassuring and had a great sense of humour which helped relax the situation we found ourselves in!

Hayley and myself would like to pass our thanks onto the ambulance staff involved in the birth of Jack. Every time we look at Jack we just smile and say a big thank you for the professionalism, calmness and humour of them all.”

Call-taker Sophie Roberts added: “I just did my job really. It was important to keep Chris calm and for him to take my instructions, and he did that without any problems at all. It’s a real privilege to be involved in a birth, even if I was the other end of the phone! I’m so glad Jack and his mother and father are all doing well.”

7 Nov 2012 16:04

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