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The Ambulance Car Service is a vital part of the Patient Care Service. It is made up of a team of dedicated volunteer drivers who use their own cars and give their time freely.

Ambulance Car Service drivers cover 8 million miles in Wales every year and provide transport for patients who have limited mobility but are able to get in or out of a car. Volunteer car drivers make a huge difference to patients across Wales who rely on them for lifts to and from hospital appointments.

The Welsh Ambulance Service modernisation plan, Time to Make a Difference, states:  

“The Ambulance Car Service is usually the most cost-effective, comfortable and, punctual way of transporting patients to routine appointments. The Trust’s strategy will be to use ACS as the service of choice for those patients who fit the criteria”  

Ambulance Car Drivers often convey regular patients and they develop strong relationships with them. For the drivers themselves, the experience can be very fulfilling.  

Regular volunteer driver for the Ceredigion area, Mair Brown says “As an ambulance driver, I feel I am providing a service for the area and, at the same time, releasing ambulances for the patients who may require medical treatment en route to the hospital or are in other ways unable to make the journey by car.”  

Ambulance Car Drivers receive a mileage allowance for every mile they drive on behalf of the ambulance service which covers the basic costs of running their car.  

We are currently developing a five day training package for volunteer drivers which will include basic first aid, manual handling and driver training.  

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