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Trust Board
Wednesday 26 March 2008
10am, Brecon House, Mamhilad Park Estate, Pontypool

(Download the Trust Board Agenda)

  1. Procedural Matters
  2. Time to Make a Difference Programme
  3. Draft Financial Plans 2008/09
  4. Governance in Health Project - NHS Wales Corporate Governance Baseline Assessment 
  5. Confidentiality and Disclosure of Personal Information Protocol
  6. Business Continuity
  7. Environmental Management
  8. Risk Management and Health and Safety


  9. Operational Report
  10. NHSDW Performance
  11. Staff Communication Days - Feedback
  12. Financial Position as at 31 January (Month 10)
  13. Debtors Arbitration
  14. Changes to Standing Orders, Standing Financial Instructions, and the Scheme of Reservation and Delegation
  15. Alternative Emergency First Responders Report - Report on the Maintenance and Servicing of First Responders
  16. Re Procurement of the Oracle FMS Service


  17. Minutes of Committees

Date of next Meeting: 22 May 2008

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