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Trust Board
Tuesday 29 July 2008
10am, Brecon House, Mamhilad Park Estate, Pontypool

Download Trust Board Agenda

  1. Procedural Matters
  2. Ministerial Review of the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust
  3. Time to Make a Difference (TTMD) Programme Update
  4. Healthcare Standards Improvement Plan 2008/09 - Oral Report
  5. Staff Survey Action Plan
  6. Conflict Management/Violence and Aggression
  7. Resilience of Electric Power - EMS Control Rooms
  8. RRV Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Control SOP
  9. The Delivering of the Emergency Care Services (DECS) Strategy
  10. Vantage Point House Transition Arrangements
  11. Benchmarking with other UK Ambulance Trusts
  12. Operational Performance: June 2008
  13. Financial Position at 30 June 2008 (Month 3)
  14. Debtors Arbitration
  15. Minutes of Committees

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