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Trust Board
Tuesday 27 November 2007
10am, Trust Headquarters, H M Stanley Hospital, St Asaph, Denbighshire

Download Trust Board Agenda
  1. Procedural Matters
  2. Time to Make a Difference Programme Update
  3. Healthcare Standards Improvement Plan 2007-08
  4. G.P. Out of Hours Service Delivery: Opportunities for the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  5. Rapid Response Vehicle Implementation
  6. Alternative Emergency First Responders
  7. Patient & Public Involvement Update
  8. HR Policies
  9. Annual Review of the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust - 2006/7
  10. Governance Development - Review of Existing Board Working arrangements/Committee Structure
  11. Operational Report
  12. Pre-hospital Thrombolysis Report (September 2007)
  13. Trust KPI Core Target Summary
  14. Financial Position at 30th September 2007 (Month 6)
  15. Debtors Arbitration
  16. Operational Performance October 2007
  17. ICT Update
  18. Prevention of Violence and Aggression to NHS Wales Staff
  19. Complaints, Claims and Adverse Incident Update
  20. Mental Health Act 2007 (July 2007)
  21. Caldicott Guardian Arrangements for Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST)
  22. Proposed Title Change
  23. Minutes of Committees

Date of next Meeting: 29 January 2008

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