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Trust Board
Tuesday 25 September 2007
10am, Meeting Room, Venue Cymru, The Promenade, Llandudno

Agenda Download Annual Public Meeting Agenda
              Download Annual Public Meeting Minutes

Download Trust Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes


  2. Wales Air Ambulance - Progress Report - September 2007 
  3. Preparedness for Major Disruption 
  4. Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Complaints Policy 
  5. Time to Make a Difference Programme Update 


    6. Executive Reports  

    7 Director of Ambulance Services Report 

  1. Responding to Urgent Calls 
  2. Director of Finance
  3. Executive Report - Director of ICT
  4. Director of Personnel and Development 
  5. Director of Unscheduled Care

    Governance Development - Review of Existing Board Working Arrangements/Committee Structure

    Business Continuity and Security Update


  6. Minutes of Committees

Date of next Meeting: 27 November 2007

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