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Who are Community First Responders?
Community First Responders can be anyone at all from your local community – they could be retired, a mechanic, a teacher or a shop worker. They are people who volunteer their time to help save lives in the community. 

What do they do?
Community First Responders help the Welsh Ambulance Service by getting to patients who are faced with life threatening or potentially life threatening emergencies before an ambulance crew can arrive.  The scheme works in towns and villages across Wales and is a huge benefit. This works because the Community First Responders serve in their own local community, this is how they can arrive at the scene of an emergency before an ambulance. 

How do they help patients?
Community First Responders are given full first aid training including basic life support, oxygen therapy and the use of a defibrillator. This is a machine that is used on patients who are suffering from a heart attack.  Research has proven that the sooner life saving skills are used the greater the patients chance of survival, often being the first on scene the Community First Responders play a vital role.  

Are they qualified paramedics or nurses?
No, our Community First Responders are not Paramedics or Nurses. They are not intended to replace the role of a paramedic but to support the Welsh Ambulance service by using life saving skills in emergency situations.  These skills are vital to keep patients stable until Paramedics arrive.

When do they work?
Community First Responders work during the day and night and take it in turns to be on call.  They only respond to ‘call outs’ in their own community. 

How will they get to me?
Community First Responders get to patients in their own car, they can not break the law by speeding or going through red lights.  There is a clip that they can display on the visor of their car that identifies them as Community First Responders, so that other emergency services are aware of who they are. 

How will I know it’s a Community First Responder?
Community First Responders are provided with a high visibility fluorescent jacket to wear and will have a Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Identification Badge.  If you are unsure of anyone’s identity, ask them if you can see their ID Badge. 

Would you like to become a Community First Responder?
If you have time to spare and would like to do something for your community, click here for more information about becoming a Community First Responder.

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