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Caernarfon paramedic Darren Lloyd stepped up to the role of making North West Wales ‘roads safer for the public after experiencing the aftermath of a tragic accident.
The driving force behind Darren’s commitment is the memory of being one of the first emergency services on scene at a crash at Menai Bridge, in April 2009, that tragically claimed the lives of three teenagers.

He said: “I was one of the first paramedics at the scene of the Menai Bridge crash along with fellow colleagues from Caernarfon, what we dealt with will stay with me forever. All too often, as a frontline emergency service, we see the devastating impact that incidents on and around the road can have. It can affect not just immediate family, but friends, neighbours and whole communities.”

Darren is working with other emergency medical service staff members in North Wales to actively educate all ages regarding the dangers faced out on the road.

He said: “I am working with ambulance staff in North Wales who are volunteering their services to educate the public about road safety at events such as partnership agency days, visits to schools and colleges and even attending local shows.”

Darren added: “I am striving to make sure that I can do my bit to help the Welsh Ambulance Service strengthen road safety values across North Wales and reduce and ultimately stop tragic accidents from occurring.”

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