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If you need an ambulance in an emergency here are some questions you or a relative/friend/carer may want to ask the emergency ambulance staff.

General Questions

• What tests are you doing?
• What hospital are we going to?
• Can I go to a different hospital?
• Is there anything I need to bring with me to hospital?
• Can my children come in the ambulance with me?/Who will look after them?
• Can a relative/friend come in the ambulance with me?
• Will you let me relatives/carer/neighbour know what’s happened?
• Will the ambulance have its blue lights and sirens operating on the way to hospital?
• Will the ambulance bring me home too?
• What if I don’t want to go to hospital?
• How can I complain if I’m not happy?

Questions a relative/friend/carer may ask

• Can I follow and keep up with the ambulance on the way to the hospital?
• What hospital are you going to?
• What is wrong with him/her?
• What do you need to do?
• Why have you got to do that?
• What’s going to happen next?

Questions to ask non emergency ambulance staff

If you are taken to hospital for an appointment by our Patient Care Transport service here are some questions you could ask.

• What time will I be picked up?
• What if my appointment is late?
• Where will I be picked up?
• How can I contact you if I need to?
• How can I complain if I’m not happy?

Remember if there is anything you don’t understand then ask for a simpler explanation.
If English is not your first language or you have a hearing or visual impairment, let the ambulance staff know.

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