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Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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  • Anonymous - Feedback submitted 01/03/2018
    I am a Duty Control Manager at North Clinical Contact Centre and would like to express the dedication of an Operational Staff member who walked ON FOOT FOR AN HOUR to sign on duty at the nearest ambulance station during the adverse weather in the early hours of Monday 26th February 2018. is a UCS staff member who was due to start in Wrexham but due to the heavy snowfall, she was unable to drive to her home station. Please can you send an accolade to S who went above and beyond to get to work in treacherous conditions. Her Localiy Manager W should be made aware of her commitment a well.
  • Phyllis Pettitt, 69 - Feedback submitted 21/06/2018
    Well done, fab service. On 11 June we were staying in a holiday rental in Aberdovey with my 95 year old, very fit, Mum when she tripped and fell. I dialed 999 & had fantastic service from the minute I was connected,from P the medic first responder & then from the fabulous ambulance crew.I cannot thank you enough for such wonderful, empathetic & lovely service you provided.
  • Isobel, 57 - Feedback submitted 17/05/2018
    Hi,I would like to express my sincere thanks to the team that took me to glangwili recently their professionalism and kindness is something I will never forget.their names are H and he was from p in ll and S who is from ll. they made an extremely painful time more bearable!Thank you both so very much.
  • Kathryn, 57 - Feedback submitted 10/05/2018
    Hi I would like to give a special thanks and praise the whole team that attended my dad this morning at 8.30 am Thursday 10thMay. They were speedy efficient friendly and very very knowledgeable. Without them my dad could have deteriorated. It is important to me to make sure they get this feedback and are acknowledged. Thank you
  • Ann, 78 - Feedback submitted 08/05/2018
    I would like to thank the two lady paramedics who came to help us during my husbands final moments very much indeed. They were so helpful, so considerate and so capable at what was a very hard time for us.
  • Darren, 46 - Feedback submitted 26/04/2018
    The paramedics yesterday were absolutely faultless, my dad had a fall at home and they stayed for over an hour to make sure everything was fine, the level of service they provided was superb, well done to them.
  • Debbie, 54 - Feedback submitted 24/04/2018
    Big thanks to the ambulance men and women mostly based at Bargoed station. My Mum was very ill recently and the care you not only gave to her but to us as family too was second to none! You are all amazing. A guy named M just made us smile when we felt so low. I wish i could remember all the names to thank you personally! Also, a man named J attended my Mum at H V care home recently. What a lovely, kind caring person! I want you all to know that you are appreciated. THANK YOU!!
  • Cheryl, 60 - Feedback submitted 20/04/2018
    Many thanks to the 2 ambulance ladies who were called out to my 89 year old mum at 6pm on 18th April(emergency 999 response). Mum collapsed after attending her son's funeral that same day. It was a very frightening experience for us. Mum has dementia and both ladies handled the situation so well. They were so very lovely and kind to mum; the family are very grateful. They took us to hospital and the one lady who was sat with us in the back of the ambulance chatted and listened to mum the whole journey. I am positive it was thanks to the calm and professional manner of these ladies that mum recovered so quickly. Outstanding service!! Thank you.
  • Joyce, 85 - Feedback submitted 10/04/2018
    Amazing service received today by 2 ambulance people.... Could you please pass on our thanks to SJ and GP from the Colwyn Bay ambulance station. My 85yr old mother had quite a bad hypo in Tescos and they were amazing...they spoke to her in layman's terms and she understood everything....they made us feel totally confident In what was going on..these two need a huge thank you from the M and S family Sorry if this is the wrong website for comments. But please could you forward it to the right one. Many thanks again
  • Anonymous - Feedback submitted 27/03/2018
    My dad had a fall this a.m an ambulance was called through careline. They arrived within approx 20 mins and were able to help my dad promptly. They done all the necessary observations and ECG also contacting the doctor to enquire about an abnormality found, Both paramedics carried out their duties in a professional matter explaining everything to my dad,mam and myself. I am a staff nurse and work for Cwm Taff trust and understand the pressures the ambulance service and all the NHS are under.Presently I am staying in Brecon with my parents as my dad has just come out of hospital I believe this trust is Aneurin Bevan. I would like to say how happy I was with the service provided and wish we had the resources for every experience to be as prompt as this morning. I would like to say how helpful and kind the paramedics were to my dad and also to my mam who are 85 and 84 their staff numbers are 7XXX and 1XXXX as identified from clinical record sheet.
  • Anne, 62 - Feedback submitted 02/03/2018
    Thank you very much for the excellent service provided today to my elderly mother following a fall at home. We were happy to wait as we understood that this was not a top priority. Your staff were extremely thorough and, thankfully, concluded my mother had not broken her hip as I had feared. The staff involved were xxxx and xxxx. My apologies for not getting their names! Many thanks. We are very grateful for such excellent service, particularly given the atrocious weather today (02/03/18)
  • Jacqui Thompson, 62 - Feedback submitted 26/02/2018
    Last night a neighbours husband was taken ill and I went to help...I got her to call emergency services and while she dealt with her poor husband I spoke to them and they were reassuring and of course telling us that ambulance was on way. Now we live a bit off the beaten track but they were there and immediately helping within 10 mins. I have been fortunate not to need any emergency services since coming to live in Wales but I want to record here how wonderful the two medics were J & C....we didn’t go beyond first names. Not only were they medically competent but more importantly they were kind and extremely practical as poor friend husband was wedged in alongside bed and wall. When things were more stable and they managed to get him up and dressed to go to hospital they made sure that his wife had time to sort out everything he and she needed . Not only do I want to say on her (and her husbands) a big THANK YOU but also from me a concerned (and somewhat worried) neighbour to your wonderful team. I am now reassured that should I have need the Welsh Ambulance service they will be there...gold star!
  • Jane, 62 - Feedback submitted 10/02/2018
    Emergency 999 response. Patient name ... Address ..... I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the paramedic and ambulance crew who responded to my call on the 30th/31st of January. I had become very anxious about the confused and disorientated state my elderly mother was in following 2 falls the night before. The paramedic who came to assess my mother was called E,I don't have his surname. His examination of my mother was gentle but thorough.He explored every possibility and identified a chest infection which my mother's own GP had failed to notice earlier that day. He made extensive notes about other problems which he had correctly identified, which must have been so helpful to the staff who admitted my mother to Singleton in the early hours of the 31st. I only wish that the GP had been as professional and involved as E had been. The ambulance crew who took my mother to hospital were called T and K and treated my mother,who was very frightened at this stage, with reassurance and compassion. Please would you pass on my grateful thanks to all three Jane
  • Tom, 80 - Feedback submitted 30/01/2018
    I wish to give my thanks for excellent service from emergency services on Friday 25th Jan. Lady on phone was very calming and knowledgeable.Unfortunately was unable to thank her at the time. Please convey my thanks. Ambulance arrived promptly, paramedics M and K outstanding couldn’t have had more efficient attention all done in a professional manner, even coming to see me on their next visit to A and E. Please convey my thanks to these two gentlemen. We hear the horror stories but there is more good which does not get reported. Once again thanks to all concerned
  • Julia, 54 - Feedback submitted 14/01/2018
    Called 999 yesterday because my 72 year old mother was having trouble breathing. She has COPD, a chest infection, pleuracy. Seen a gp twice in a week. Prescribed steroids and antibiotics but no improvement. First responder was wonderful. Lots of care and reassurance. Fantastic service all round including the call centre who kept in touch and provided help advice and reassurance. Amazing. Thank you.
  • Colin, 70s - Feedback submitted 06/01/2018
    Could you please pass on my thanks for the great service received from the three paramedics who responded to my 999 call recently for a close friend who collapsed and I could not lift her. She also passes on her thanks from her hospital bed where she is having further tests and treatment. Thank you very much.
  • Sue, 66 - Feedback submitted 03/01/2018
    February 3rd 2017 I phoned 999 for an ambulance as I thought I was having a stroke. The ambulance arrived really quickly despite my remote location. The 3 man crew were great and though I remember getting on board, I don’t remember getting off. I had a seizure and was later diagnosed with a large meningioma at Withybush Hospital. I am so grateful to those gentlemen, whose names I don’t know, for their prompt and excellent care and their good humor. I have since had to ask for hospital cars to take me to hospital for surgery in Cardiff and to see a consultant in Carmarthen, as I live alone and currently am not allowed to drive. The ladies who take and make appointments and the drivers have all been extremely friendly and helpful. Please accept a huge thank you to ambulance staff, car drivers and switchboard operatives. They have all been magnificent and I consider myself very lucky that they are there.
  • Richard, 29 - Feedback submitted 18/01/2018
    Had a return trip to Singleton Hospital in Swansea today and commend the professional and friendly way the drivers provided their service. They deserve a pat on the back.
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