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Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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  • Jane, 62 - Feedback submitted 10/02/2018
    Emergency 999 response. Patient name ... Address ..... I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the paramedic and ambulance crew who responded to my call on the 30th/31st of January. I had become very anxious about the confused and disorientated state my elderly mother was in following 2 falls the night before. The paramedic who came to assess my mother was called E,I don't have his surname. His examination of my mother was gentle but thorough.He explored every possibility and identified a chest infection which my mother's own GP had failed to notice earlier that day. He made extensive notes about other problems which he had correctly identified, which must have been so helpful to the staff who admitted my mother to Singleton in the early hours of the 31st. I only wish that the GP had been as professional and involved as E had been. The ambulance crew who took my mother to hospital were called T and K and treated my mother,who was very frightened at this stage, with reassurance and compassion. Please would you pass on my grateful thanks to all three Jane
  • Tom, 80 - Feedback submitted 30/01/2018
    I wish to give my thanks for excellent service from emergency services on Friday 25th Jan. Lady on phone was very calming and knowledgeable.Unfortunately was unable to thank her at the time. Please convey my thanks. Ambulance arrived promptly, paramedics M and K outstanding couldn’t have had more efficient attention all done in a professional manner, even coming to see me on their next visit to A and E. Please convey my thanks to these two gentlemen. We hear the horror stories but there is more good which does not get reported. Once again thanks to all concerned
  • Julia, 54 - Feedback submitted 14/01/2018
    Called 999 yesterday because my 72 year old mother was having trouble breathing. She has COPD, a chest infection, pleuracy. Seen a gp twice in a week. Prescribed steroids and antibiotics but no improvement. First responder was wonderful. Lots of care and reassurance. Fantastic service all round including the call centre who kept in touch and provided help advice and reassurance. Amazing. Thank you.
  • Colin, 70s - Feedback submitted 06/01/2018
    Could you please pass on my thanks for the great service received from the three paramedics who responded to my 999 call recently for a close friend who collapsed and I could not lift her. She also passes on her thanks from her hospital bed where she is having further tests and treatment. Thank you very much.
  • Sue, 66 - Feedback submitted 03/01/2018
    February 3rd 2017 I phoned 999 for an ambulance as I thought I was having a stroke. The ambulance arrived really quickly despite my remote location. The 3 man crew were great and though I remember getting on board, I don’t remember getting off. I had a seizure and was later diagnosed with a large meningioma at Withybush Hospital. I am so grateful to those gentlemen, whose names I don’t know, for their prompt and excellent care and their good humor. I have since had to ask for hospital cars to take me to hospital for surgery in Cardiff and to see a consultant in Carmarthen, as I live alone and currently am not allowed to drive. The ladies who take and make appointments and the drivers have all been extremely friendly and helpful. Please accept a huge thank you to ambulance staff, car drivers and switchboard operatives. They have all been magnificent and I consider myself very lucky that they are there.
  • Susan, 64 - Feedback submitted 22/11/2017
    Two Paramedics came to pick my dad up today, they were so lovely to me and dad, reassured us both including me as I was very upset. They explained everything to dad, stayed with us till dad was settled. I would just like to thank them both as they were lovely and made us very settled before they left. Please thank them from us both.
  • Ann, 65 - Feedback submitted 12/11/2017
    We are very grateful for the excellent service provided by your paramedics N and G, after my husband lost consciousness and had laboured breathing yesterday evening (11th November). They arrived about 15 minutes after I called 999, much more quickly than I expected. They were efficient, well equipped, professional and friendly, and stayed with us as long as it took for his blood pressure to get back to normal. I'm pleased to say that he is much better today. Thank you very much.
  • Moira, 64 - Feedback submitted 01/11/2017
    I rang 999 emergency services this morning to request help for an elderly resident in my village (L). The lady who took my call was amazing. I had never done this before,. She spoke to my clearly and stayed on the line until the ambulance arrived, talking me through the situation and prompting me to deal with the "casualty". I could not have done this without her help. It was like talking with a friend. People "knock" the NHS, but until they are needed, they have no idea of how helpful they are. The Paramedics we equally amazing. Although I was not family, they kept me informed of the situation they were dealing with. Thank you to all involved and thank goodness we have them to help us through difficult times like this.
  • Albert, 71 - Feedback submitted 29/10/2017
    Tonight my mother-in-law had a problem. I live in Warrington my mother-in-law lives in Ruthin. Within minutes of my wife phoning the 999 service they arrived incredibly quickly and professionally put us all at ease especially my mother-in-law. I think it was a lady and gentleman team but their efforts with the patient and her next of kin who were miles away were nothing but outstanding. My mother-in-law was treated and made to feel at ease at it appeared to be a panic attack but it just goes to show that no matter what the problem is there are professionals around who deal with what ever is thrown at them in a calm manner. The operators and their coordination should not go unmentioned along with the above. Thank-you
  • Ali, 32 - Feedback submitted 28/09/2017
    On Tuesday 26th Sep 2017 at appriximatley 10 pm my mother suffered from acute chest pain and we immediately called for an ambulance. On behalf of my mother and my whole family I would like to send Paramedics A and D (didn't catch their surnames) from Morriston Hospital Amulance service in Swansea our most sincerest and heartfelt appreciation. Their professionalism and patient care towards my mother was truly faultless and impeccable. They went far beyond the call of duty and made an otherwise terrible and terrifying ordeal comforting and bearable for both my mother and my family. If the management read this post I hope you will consider giving each of these two gentleman a well deserved promotion/raise for their excellent service.
  • Jane 67, 67 - Feedback submitted 20/09/2017
    Sir/Madam, re: emergency 999 response (ambulance) on 19th September 2017. having fallen from a stool to the floor in our static caravan sited at Aberyswyth Holday Village Penparcau, being totally unable to rise from the floor - I was attended by staff at 1600 hours who were most professional, courteous and were able to get me back on my feet, may I once again through this feedback thank them and the ambulance services for their wonderful care given to me.
  • Debbie, 42 - Feedback submitted 19/09/2017
    Emergency 999 response to Llandegla park one afternoon in Sep 2017. Crew got to me really quickly and were awesome looking after me after I fell off my bike. Professional and friendly. Thank you so much!
  • John, 68 - Feedback submitted 13/09/2017
    During the morning of Sunday 3rd September 2017 my elderly mother-in-law pressed her Talisman emergency button, which was hanging around her neck as she sat in her private apartment, and used the response system to call an ambulance because she did not feel very well. This was on the day of her 90th birthday as it happens and it was early on that morning. She called her daughter and I after hailing the ambulance and we made our way there as quickly as we could, we live less than 10 minutes away from her. The old lady has become confused at times in recent months and has started to do some unusual things. Unfortunately she has believed that her Talisman emergency button and the various red pullcords in the apartment are also there for non emergency reasons. She had used these to call out ambulances on two previous occasions that week, both resulting in her being taken into the University Hospital for a few nights observation. All the usual checks were done and she had been seen by three experienced doctors there as well as her own GP at home. None of them found anything wrong with her physically. My reason for writing this and including the above background information is that I want to thank the NHS at the various stages of that week for all they did for us. It was clearly a situation which demanded a lot of patience from all concerned and everything had to be handled in a way which did not upset this frail old lady. I want to mention in particular the two Paramedics that were called on that last Sunday, 3rd September. They had come all the way from Bridgend that morning and after examining my mother-in-law thoroughly it was clear to them that they had been called unnecessarily. Despite this they remained very professional, adopting a very caring attitude toward the old lady and explained to her in the nicest possible way that the calling facilities that she had there were for real emergency situations only. Up until a fortnight or so ago she would always call my wife (her daughter) or myself when she felt unwell and we would always respond as we felt necessary. Both Paramedics deserve a big pat on the back for all they did for us that morning and the way they handled this delicate situation. I don't have their names but they did allow me to have their ID numbers which were 0141 and 2347. We would be most grateful if you could record our thoughts on their personal files and thank them both very much indeed for their professional support that morning. I was most impressed with their thoroughness in examining the old lady, both physically and mentally, and also with their detailed note taking of everything that they did.
  • Hazel Levett, 70 - Feedback submitted 06/09/2017
    Penarth. 5th September 2017 Please say thank you to the wonderful ambulance crew that arrived when my husband had a stroke. They arrived 15 minutes after my 999 call. The coordinator was very supportive too. I was so worried he would fall and hurt himself. He lost the use of his left side. They were so supportive. They worked hard to calm him down as he was obviously shocked. He is a big man, they had to chair him down the stairs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hazel
  • Richard, 29 - Feedback submitted 18/01/2018
    Had a return trip to Singleton Hospital in Swansea today and commend the professional and friendly way the drivers provided their service. They deserve a pat on the back.
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