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  • R R, 27 - Feedback submitted 15/09/2018
    I want to thank two staff in particular today that attended a call on behalf of my brother who was in a mental health crisis. Their names were J & L I believe. I cannot tell you how much you helped not just my brother but me and my family tonight, you took the time to speak to us like human beings and not only put my brother at ease in an incredibly difficult situation but also myself. I have been supporting my brother for many years and this is the first time I have met a professional who actually cared! They spent over an hour talking with us and making sure we had enough contacts to keep him safe for the night as we could not get proper help until the morning unless we sat in a&e all night. They made me feel at ease but also knew a lot more about how to deal with mental health patients than I’ve seen some mental health nurses.. who would struggle to achieve the same results. Best paramedics ever, I really hope you see this and hope you realise just how great you both really are. On behalf of my brother and my family, thank you x
  • L, 40 - Feedback submitted 14/09/2018
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you The the ambulance crew and paramedics that attended school today who came to the help of my son who had a head injury whilst at school. He was taken to hospital and was looked over and us now home safe and well at home. Thank you all again you guys work extremely hard and not always appreciated by some people you guy are amazing. Thank you again. L.
  • Laura, 19 - Feedback submitted 11/09/2018
    The paramedics were fabulous!!! They knew there would be a wait but I had phone calls checking on my condition, constant apologises that weren’t necessary but appreciated, and such an amazing service! Mental Health sucks but they made me feel safe and appreciated and also made sure the nurses in A&E were aware of what was going on! I can never thank you enough!!!
  • Rosemary, 71 - Feedback submitted 28/08/2018
    Re 999 response on Sunday 26 August at approx 10 pm from Pembroke Dock Station to my home. Very many thanks for the excellent cheerful and above all professional response. From the time the crew introduced themselves listened carefully to history, using all their knowledge experience and resources, to when they delivered my husband safely to withybush they were brilliant. RM
  • Angela, 62 - Feedback submitted 15/08/2018
    On Sunday 12th I rang the out of hours service to raise my concerns regarding my Mother who had been having breathing problems for over six weeks. I asked for an out of hours Dr to call on my Mother but I was advised to ring 999.I was reluctant to ring 999 as I did not consider my Mother to be an emergency. I rang 999 and was advised on how to care for my Mother before the ambulance arrived. This included advice to go and get the Defibrillator from the village!! Whilst I was discussing this with my sister within 2 minutes the First Responder(D)arrived. The professionalism showed by the First Responder made me proud to have been a previous NHS employee (Senior Nurse). My Mother had an ECG, a Venflon was inserted and oxygen was given.My Mother was monitored continuously until the ambulance arrived. She had superb care. The paramedics took over. The male was called A but I cannot remember the females name. They were both totally professional and cared for my Mother with kindness. My Mother was taken in an ambulance to the Royal Gwent Hospital as her blood pressure was very low, as were her saturation levels. My Mother was exhausted, she had an IVI commenced in the ambulance. My sister accompanied her in the ambulance and my other sister and I followed the ambulance. There were six ambulances outside the RGH waiting for assessment. My mother had blood gasses taken whilst in the Ambulance by a Deputy Charge Nurse who worked in Accident & Emergency. My Mother was then seen by a consultant again in the Ambulance. Admission was advised. Again both professionals were outstanding. My Mother was then handed over from the ambulance and given a bed in the Resuscitation Unit. The paramedics later came to MAU to see how my Mother was progressing. They thought her diagnosis would be pneumonia and they were correct. Again their kindness and concern for my Mother and her family could not have been better. Please pass my compliments to the staff mentioned here as they went above and beyond duty. You should be very proud of them. Kind Regards A J
  • Keith, 69 - Feedback submitted 04/08/2018
    I want to thank Paramedic M and M for their kindness and help in getting me to Shrewsbury Hospital on the 2nd August this year when I had AF attack, please tell them there will always be a welcome here for them both. My kindest regards to them K B.
  • John, 71 - Feedback submitted 01/08/2018
    At 2am on 31 July 2018 , I was having a seizure & my wife dialed 999. We live not far from the Ambulance Station in Barry and Paramedic S arrived within minutes followed by an ambulance . Yes, it was probably a quiet time for them but together with the staff at UHW A&E they all nevertheless displayed the utmost care & professionalism throughout for which I am extremely grateful . This is the side of the NHS we seldom here about amongst the many complaints but of which we should be tremendously proud . I suspect this is the real norm for which we should sing its praises from the rooftops !!
  • Derek, 84 - Feedback submitted 31/07/2018
    In response to our 999 call on Wed 25th July I was attended within 20 mins by First Responder P from Monmouth, and within 45 min by M and C in an ambulance from Chepstow, All three were magnificent and not only attended me, but reassured my wife who was shocked by my sudden fainting. With people like this, who are not only skilled, but compassionate as well, the people in area will always be well cared for. Thank you all.
  • Tom Jenkins, 66 - Feedback submitted 07/07/2018
    My wife has just been attended by 2 Advanced Paramedics. They are a credit to the Ambulance Service and operate on a level with GPs in their ability to diagnose from oral history and then prescribe. May the Ambulance Service continue to innovate and excel.
  • William, 82 - Feedback submitted 03/07/2018
    On 8th May I was released from UHW in the late afternoon having undergone abdominal aortic aneurysm repair surgery. Something wasn't right and by 23.00hrs I was suffering extreme pain in my right leg. My son-in-law called for an ambulance which was at my home within ten minutes. Sorry it has taken so long to send this message to you. The ambulance crew were kind, compassionate and extremely professional. If you can identify them from you records of call-outs please convey my gratitude. William 03.07.18.
  • Kelly, 39 - Feedback submitted 23/06/2018
    Having been taken ill recently an ambulance was called for me. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the paramedics involved. They were all incredibly patient and understanding and helped to calm me down. Whilst at the hospital they made sure i was comfortable and at ease. The lead paramedic was extremely professional and caring, and her colleagues were also a credit to the service. Please can you pass on my sincere thanks.
  • Phyllis Pettitt, 69 - Feedback submitted 21/06/2018
    Well done, fab service. On 11 June we were staying in a holiday rental in Aberdovey with my 95 year old, very fit, Mum when she tripped and fell. I dialed 999 & had fantastic service from the minute I was connected,from P the medic first responder & then from the fabulous ambulance crew.I cannot thank you enough for such wonderful, empathetic & lovely service you provided.
  • Isobel, 57 - Feedback submitted 17/05/2018
    Hi,I would like to express my sincere thanks to the team that took me to glangwili recently their professionalism and kindness is something I will never forget.their names are H and he was from p in ll and S who is from ll. they made an extremely painful time more bearable!Thank you both so very much.
  • Kathryn, 57 - Feedback submitted 10/05/2018
    Hi I would like to give a special thanks and praise the whole team that attended my dad this morning at 8.30 am Thursday 10thMay. They were speedy efficient friendly and very very knowledgeable. Without them my dad could have deteriorated. It is important to me to make sure they get this feedback and are acknowledged. Thank you
  • Ann, 78 - Feedback submitted 08/05/2018
    I would like to thank the two lady paramedics who came to help us during my husbands final moments very much indeed. They were so helpful, so considerate and so capable at what was a very hard time for us.
  • Darren, 46 - Feedback submitted 26/04/2018
    The paramedics yesterday were absolutely faultless, my dad had a fall at home and they stayed for over an hour to make sure everything was fine, the level of service they provided was superb, well done to them.
  • Debbie, 54 - Feedback submitted 24/04/2018
    Big thanks to the ambulance men and women mostly based at Bargoed station. My Mum was very ill recently and the care you not only gave to her but to us as family too was second to none! You are all amazing. A guy named M just made us smile when we felt so low. I wish i could remember all the names to thank you personally! Also, a man named J attended my Mum at H V care home recently. What a lovely, kind caring person! I want you all to know that you are appreciated. THANK YOU!!
  • Cheryl, 60 - Feedback submitted 20/04/2018
    Many thanks to the 2 ambulance ladies who were called out to my 89 year old mum at 6pm on 18th April(emergency 999 response). Mum collapsed after attending her son's funeral that same day. It was a very frightening experience for us. Mum has dementia and both ladies handled the situation so well. They were so very lovely and kind to mum; the family are very grateful. They took us to hospital and the one lady who was sat with us in the back of the ambulance chatted and listened to mum the whole journey. I am positive it was thanks to the calm and professional manner of these ladies that mum recovered so quickly. Outstanding service!! Thank you.
  • Joyce, 85 - Feedback submitted 10/04/2018
    Amazing service received today by 2 ambulance people.... Could you please pass on our thanks to SJ and GP from the Colwyn Bay ambulance station. My 85yr old mother had quite a bad hypo in Tescos and they were amazing...they spoke to her in layman's terms and she understood everything....they made us feel totally confident In what was going on..these two need a huge thank you from the M and S family Sorry if this is the wrong website for comments. But please could you forward it to the right one. Many thanks again
  • Gill, 79 - Feedback submitted 20/07/2018
    19th. July - I was transported from home to YGC. Excellent service 5 Star ! M & V were totally in control. They were efficient, caring & confident. In conversation, they were polite, knowledgeable & friendly. The return trip was also excellent.
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