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Contact the NHS professionals for all your event medical cover needs and be safe in the knowledge that your event has the best medical cover available.

We provide cover for:  

  • Rugby / Football matches at sports stadia
  • Rock and Pop concerts
  • Agricultural shows
  • Motor sport events
  • Equestrian events
  • TV and film work  
Our staff are experienced professionals with years of experience in the field of pre hospital care.  All of our paramedics are state registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and all emergency medical technicians are taught to Institute of Healthcare and Development (IHCD) standards.  

Our ambulance fleet consists of state of the art and fit for purpose modern vehicles, designed to best meet the needs of the patient.  

Our team of managers are experienced in managing the medical cover at large events, working in partnership with event organisers, other emergency services and the voluntary aid societies.  We have excellent links into the local NHS, to ensure that the best possible level of service is provided.  

If your event needs professional medical cover, contact the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust on:  

North Region
01745 532900 (Emergency Planning Officer)

Central and West Region
01792 562900 (Emergency Planning Officer)

South East Region
02920 881665 (Emergency Planning Officer)

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