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  • Berwyn, 29

    I'm contacting to follow up on an emergency call that we made to 999 emergency response. My pregnant partner went into very sudden labour whilst at home (6 weeks early), and we needed urgent support. I called and with the support, guidance and instructions of the gentleman on the phone, a healthy baby girl was delivered on our bathroom floor. The call ended once the paramedics arrived. This was the first time I'd had the need to contact 999 emergency response, and while reflecting back on the call now that the emergency situation has passed, I'm in awe of the professionalism and support we received for those crucial 27 minutes. My partner and I owe a huge debt and thanks to the 999 responder that helped us that night. I want to personally thank him. The support we had from the paramedics that arrived on the scene was equally amazing, and their friendly and relaxed manner helped to calm down what had been an incredibly chaotic scene before their arrival.

  • Liz, 50 years

    Last night I was involved in supporting family friends during a medical emergency which ended up involving a first responder car, two ambulances and an air ambulance as well as the emergency response team on the telephone. I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks. You do an amazing job as a service and as individuals in the toughest of situations. I have never had to administer CPR before yesterday evening; the lady who was on the other end of the telephone, for the short time I was involved, was absolutely amazing. To have someone talking me through, telling me what to do and how to do it, all of the time offering encouragement and support, enabled me to shut down my fears and get on with what needed to be done. I know that the family would also want me to pass on their gratitude for giving their relative a chance to survive; when I arrived they believed the worst, it is only through the skills and determination of your staff that she is currently in hospital. We are all well aware of the crisis in the NHS but everyone on the frontline is giving their all and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I am writing to commend the following paramedics who attended my 99 year old Grandmother. Each individual was extremely professional in their manner, dealing with my Grandmother and our family with kindness and respect while making their decision. When we arrived at the Assessment Uni, J and B maintained their calm, jovial and professional manner throughout the time that we were waiting to be admitted. They were an absolute joy to share a stressful situation with and I would like you to ensure that you pass this feedback onto the individuals concerned as well as their line manager.

  • Helen, 53

    Just want to express my thanks to the care and compassion displayed by J who arrived with a colleague yesterday morning to my elderly father who had fallen at home. Such a kind lady and set about reassuring him even though he was on the floor. Took his observations and talked to him throughout. Moved him when the danger was over and settled him in his chair in the living room. Explored every avenue and rang every team to try and keep him at home instead of admitting to hospital. Sadly on this occasion admittance was the best option due to the deterioration of my father. Chatted and reassured all the way through. Fabulous lady. I understand the emergency services are under immense pressure and dont receive enough praise but this review is very necessary in my eyes. Well done again!

  • Alison, 56

    Dear Sir/Madam, I had to, for the first time in my life, have an ambulance call. Within 10 mins a paramedic arrived, she was so professional and kind. She decided an ambulance was needed. Within 15 mins it arrived with 2 lovely gentlemen, both again so professional and kind they reassured myself and my family. Their care was brilliant and if they hadn’t got me to hospital, a consultant later said the sepsis would have taken hold and I would have died . All I can say is they are outstanding in their job and a great asset to your service

  • Wyn, 55

    I had cause to call an ambulance recently due to having a trapped nerve in my hip & suffering acute pain. I was attended by a young lady and her work partner, they were fantastic. Friendly, efficient, everything clearly explained, pleasant & just what you need when you're feeling under the weather. These two are an absolute credit to their chosen profession & I'd be grateful if you'd be kind enogh to pass on my thanks for their assistance.

  • Mr and Mrs Davies

    We would all like to personally thank the ambulance crew from Conwy following a particularly traumatic morning. In spite of it being their last call on a night shift they could not have been any more professional. Our son had been involved in a traffic accident and needed emergency help. It was a very very busy evening and he was getting more and more agitated due to the severe pain he was suffering. We can’t thank them enough for all their care. Unfortunately due to the volume of calls that evening they had to travel all the way from Conwy and we were very distressed and frustrated at the time we had to wait but they made us feel immediately calmer and cared for. We felt we needed to take the time to thank everyone who dealt with us that evening. Regards Mr and Mrs Davies

  • Mrs Wood, 71

    My husband who is almost eighty had a nasty fall a long way from the property over very rough ground and could not get up even with my son's help so we had to call an ambulance. We live down a very bumpy track in a hard to locate area so it was difficult. He had been lay with his legs under him for over an hour before anyone knew he was in trouble so his legs were very weak. We managed to free his legs but could not get him to his feet. The 2 ambulance crew were marvellous after they fought their way through rough ground and brambles to get to him. They did all the checks before getting him to his feet for part of the way but then his strength went again so they had to get a chair while my son cut a path through the brambles. I cannot thank them enough and can only apologise that he put them to so much trouble. He is now banned from going to check fences. Thank you so much again!