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  • Gareth, 65

    Hello I suppose criticism of the service, justified or not, is frequent. I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to the ambulance service staff who attended our home this morning and took my mother to Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil. P, a paramedic was at the house within 5 minutes of my phoning 999 and an ambulance arrived about five minutes after P requested one. Luckily, there was no ambulance queue at the hospital and so my mother was admitted swiftly to A&E and efficiently dealt with. She was discharged about three hours after arriving at A&E. I don't know if a thank you can be conveyed to P, the paramedic, and the ambulance man, whose name I don't know. If so, then thank you for passing on my sincere thanks to both. Best Wishes,

  • C, 23

    I would just like to thank the control room operate that dealt with the call my sister made to get an ambulance to my mum who was suffering from a Cardiac problem. Whilst I was conduction CPR I could hear the voice of the control room operate calming my younger disabled sister down who in this case couldn’t do anything but cry he talked her through what I was doing and why, and reassured her he would do everything he can to dispatch and ambulance to us. I recognised the strong North Wales accent and voice of S from the almost ten years I have had the pleasure of being around the Army Cadet Force as a cadet and as attached staff through the Army.S has always been very thorough and passionate about first Aid and I genuinely believe without his lessons over the years I would of froze on the spot and not of known what to do. We lost my mum that morning (21-01-2020) but sion managed to get x2 ambulances to her within 4 minuets and for this no words from me or my family can thank this man enough.He is a credit to your work place as I am sure all the other staff members are, but on this day he was our invisible man on the phone in shining armour. If the NHS did their own version of a mention in dispatches this man would be worth of one. C

  • Roger, 76

    Carers had need to call for an ambulance yesterday (21/1/20) after my 84-year-old cousin, xxxx, of XXXX Street, Risca, suffered a lunchtime fall. A St John Ambulance responder, L was first on the scene, calmly assessing the situation and taking kind care of X as she lay on the floor. Paramedics J and M then arrived and continued the caring and clinical appreciation of X's situation. Nothing was rushed and X was lifted back to her feet and to her chair. The assessment continued and, thanks to the three of them, she was passed as fit to stay at home when hospital confinement had seemed inevitable. It was a worthwhile experience watching them at work. They deserve congratulation on keeping a frail lady in the place where she is happiest.

  • Julia, 64

    Thursday 9th Jan S & H were wonderful. They attended my husband and their knowledge, professionalism and calmness was very reassuring. They handled my husband with care and efficiency, even though he was showing traits that were and are not in his nature normally. S very kindly came in later that same day to see how hubby was getting on and even called in to A&E the next day, again to see how he was. That was so kind and thoughtful and very much appreciated. The people who answered the 999 call were great, they gave me the information I need and reassured me even with my daughter calling a couple of extra times because we were concerned & frightened. I cannot thank them enough. If the NHS and Ambulance Services are in crisis, they didn't show it but its plain to see it does require extra resources. My experiences justify that we are lucky to have such a wonderful service available for everyone to use.

  • J, 46

    Transferred from Alltwen to Ysbyty Gwynedd by ambulance at around 8pm on the 15th January by two ambulance workers. Sorry forgot to take their names ! From the moment I got into the ambulance felt that the care I received went above and beyond my expectation. These two people were brilliant, they explained everything that was happening to me and allowed my colleague to travel with me to hospital. Being the first time I have ever been in an ambulance, my anxiety was so high and their reassurance was invaluable. During the long drive they were so attentive and nothing was to much for them, and when we reached the hospital welcomed my family into the ambulance and made all of us cups of tea. These two people should be given the recognition these deserve for doing such a good job and really making a difference to me when I felt at my worst. Could you please pass this message on to the two people that was working in that ambulance that night as I am truly grateful for the care I received. Diolch x

  • Pamela, 63

    Emergency 999 response to Carmarthen, I was taken to Bronglais General Hospital. My thanks for their calm reassurance, ability to adapt & cope with anything. Attempting to reduce the queue we waited in & ensuring the nursing staff were aware of my problems & protecting both my dignity but also the damaged skin on my legs. A crew of 3 lovely ladies, from Aberystwyth brought me home later in the day. Sadly I didn't get their names. I am still amused at them singing me out of the hospital... ignore the snow. A special mention of the transport / ambulance dispatcher who rapidly matched me with an ambulance making an emergency pick up in my direction. Thank you all. Your professional care was very much appreciated.

  • Kim, 61

    Paramedic crew attended my mother this morning when GP advised 999 call. They arrived in 10 mins. S O and trainee GP M. They were professional, knowledgeable and incredibly efficient. My mother is 81 and they treated her with utmost compassion and care. As a result of their excellent care observations and monitoring, she avoided admission to hospital . I am incredibly grateful for their outstanding care . Amazing individuals.

  • Susan, 63

    I had need to call an ambulance - a member of the emergency medical team came in a car - his name was T and I hope you can pass this on. You were backed up with red calls & it meant he was there for hours. I'm not sure how long as I was in excruciating pain I would like to say that he was calming, reassuring & so helpful that he made me feel calm even with the pain I was in - as far as I'm concerned he went above and beyond his job trying to get me sorted - I know people say it's their job but he was fantastic & nothing was too much trouble Thank him so much please