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All Wales Patient Questionnaire
Communicating with patients in their language of choice
The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust has a statutory requirement to offer a bilingual service in accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993.

We acknowledge that it is every patient’s right to be communicated with through the language of their choice. It is our intention to provide a fully bilingual service to our users.

There are a number of services we provide that requires communication through a number of different formats:
  • Face to face
  • Over the telephone
  • In writing
  • Through our websites
Please take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire. Any information provided will be treated in confidence.

1. Have you ever used the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust?

2. Have you received a response within the last 6 months?

3. Which of the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust services did you use?

2. Were you able to talk to our staff in your language of choice?

3. Were you offered a bilingual service?

4. Please rate your (bilingual) experience of using our services?

5. How satisfied were you with the standard of Welsh & English language in the service you received?

6. Please state if you are:

7. Do you feel more comfortable communicating in Welsh?

8. If Welsh is your first language, have you experienced problems understanding information provided in English?

If you have any other comments or suggestions regarding our bilingual services please use the space below:

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