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Improving Patient Safety

1000 Lives Plus to deliver safer care - every time, for every patient in Wales

1000 Lives Plus is a five year programme to improve patient safety and reduce avoidable harm across NHS Wales.

The programme will build on the work of the 1000 Lives Campaign in delivering changes that improve patient safety and the quality of all NHS services, including hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies.

The Welsh Ambulance Service is committed to ensure patients receive the safest and most effective healthcare possible.

The1000 lives plus campaign has targeted a number of interventions and categorised them under the heading of ‘key content areas’. The Trust has been able to implement some of the campaigns key content areas along with some interventions.

  • Leadership and Quality: Interventions in this area include Executive Patient Safety Walkrounds, conducting Patient Safety Culture Surveys and sharing patient stories at Board level.           
  • Infection Control: Decontamination is included in this area and involves vehicle interior cleaning
  • Medicines Management: Draft interventions and measures are currently being developed by WAST, however PDSAs are being conducted around adverse drug incidents i.e. morphine.
  • General Medical: Training is taking place throughout WAST with the SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) handover tool. Implementation of SBAR will ultimately allow better communication between other Trusts and GPs throughout Wales.
  • Digital Stories

1000 Lives + Lead for WAST
Chris Powell, Nursing Quality & Clinical Practice Lead

1000 Lives + Communications Lead for WAST
Leanne Hawker, Partners in Healthcare Lead

View the 1000 Lives + website here.
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