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The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust has many years experience in preparing for and handling major or significant incidents.

The Service is a member of the Local Resilience Forums in Wales, which include the Police Services, Fire and Rescue Services, Environment Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and local authorities and has developed joint-procedures for responding to major incidents.   

The National Emergency Planning Group is dedicated to planning for the unexpected and for maintaining and updating our Major Incident Plan. This team is also responsible for managing large-scale planned events such as concerts, festivals and sporting events, such as the Six Nations Rugby at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Training exercises
We regularly undertake training exercises with emergency service partners to test our procedures for handling major incidents. These live exercises are essential to ensure that our major incident plans work.

We recently took part in Exercise Joker, a multi agency live exercise at the DVLA in Swansea.  The exercise involved testing our response to a simulated terrorist incident at an important government building.

The Trust has a programme of internal training to ensure key staff are equipped with the skills and knowledge relevant to the role they would play in an emergency.  This is further supported by taking part in a range of class room based exercises with external partners.  

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